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Today’s environment demands transparency, accountability, responsible citizenship and the highest ethical standards. As an independent, employee-owned, sustainable wealth management firm, RLP Wealth Advisors, LLC, proudly stands apart from traditional Wall Street financial companies.

RLP Wealth Advisors, LLC is a forward-thinking, independent wealth advisory firm providing investment consulting, retirement plan consulting, asset management, and financial planning services for individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

As a named independent co-fiduciary, we partner with the investment committees of large companies and non-profit organizations throughout the country. As the lead steward, we guide the plan investment committee in the areas of fiduciary responsibility and prudent plan management.

RLP has significant experience in sustainable investing and we are uniquely positioned to assist plan sponsors, foundations, and endowments in developing investment strategies that align with your mission, values and goals. We actively seek clients that share similar philosophies and interests.

As thought leaders in sustainable investing and ESG analysis, we co-authored the groundbreaking study, “Carbon Footprints, Performance and Risk of U.S. Equity Mutual Funds,” and we were a contributing author to the recently released book, “Evolutions in Sustainable Investing.” As a sustainable company, RLP Wealth Advisors has a unique appreciation, understanding, and natural interest in assisting our clients in aligning investments with mission, values and goals.

Our unique capabilities include:

  • Exclusive ESG research on hundreds of investment managers
  • Sustainable/responsible investment education for investment committees
  • Investment policy consistent with organizational mission
  • Aligning investments with overall mission, values and goals to improve and manage reputational risk

Environmental Commitment

We are doing our part to run a sustainable business and limit our impact on the planet. As a firm, we have moved aggressively toward electronic storage and delivery of documents, effectively reducing our consumption of paper, helping to save trees, and further reducing emissions associated with shipping of those documents.

We felt strongly that we wanted to do more, and with the help of Carbonfund.org we offset our carbon emissions from our office energy use, business travel, and our daily employee commutes.

Our carbon offsets help fund projects that include renewable energy, energy efficiency, reforestation and forest preservation. Our website is being hosted by aiso.net, a sustainable web hosting company that is 100% Solar powered. We are a carbon neutral company, and are committed to environmental stewardship through our affiliation with 1% For the Planet, The Conservation Alliance, and Carbondfund.org.

“RLP Wealth Advisors is committed to environmental stewardship and we believe Carbonfund.org is an effective tool for businesses to help address climate change and promote sustainability.” – Bud Sturmak,  Partner

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