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RE SELF is the synergetic platform empowering conscious living as the norm. Built on our process of “Discover, Learn, Apply, Evolve, Repeat,” RE SELF mirrors our humanity and nourishes users’ Foundation of Well-Being – Mind, Body, Soul, and Wholeness. At the intersection of philosophy, science, and practices, our offeringsworkshops, RECALIBRATE, and conversations – meet users wherever they are on their journey, with each offering building on one another to further empower users’ conscious, authentic living. 

Environmental Commitment:

Sustainability and harmony are essential to conscious living. RE SELF is committed to embodying conscious business; being a Carbonfree partner is the first of many steps towards the goals we’ve set for ourselves to do just that. By offsetting our footprint, reducing our usage/waste, and facilitating conversations with our community about environmental well-being, we are working to empower environmental well-being the same way we empower conscious living as the norm – at the fundamental level – one person at a time. Having already begun the conversation with Our Relationship with Nature, we will continue to facilitate conversations on the topic and empower users’ with our up-coming Soul series workshop “Relationship with Nature” to reconnect with this essential relationship, understand our interdependence, and restore harmony through our actions. 

“Nature is our primary home, upon which all depends. We are not separate but a part of nature. Sustainability and Conscious Living are interdependent; living consciously necessitates a harmonious, balanced relationship with nature. Being a Carbonfree partner allows us to embody this truth and our values as a business, exemplifying the future of business is social capitalism.”  – Lydia Picoli, Founder of RE SELF