Rae Vino

City Seattle
State WA
Country United States

Rae Vino is a family-owned business offering natural wines made by producers who prioritize the environment, minimal intervention winemaking, and the health of consumers. All purchases include 1% charity donation.

As part of our commitment to fight climate change, our business is offsetting our carbon footprint and offering a public-facing natural cork recycling program for non-synthetic wine bottle closures, both in partnership with like-minded environmental charities.

As part of our mission to support the natural wine community, we’re continuously evaluating our impact beyond bottle sales. How are we giving back and contributing to a cause that’s ultimately bigger than natural wine? There are endless opportunities to begin answering that question, perhaps none being greater than the environmental responsibility of reducing one’s carbon footprint. 

“Upon our founding, we immediately decided to avoid unnecessary packaging in the form of stickers, pamphlets or extraneous marketing materials included as part of an ‘unboxing’ experience. However, we understood that the various processes of grape growing and wine production came with their own impact prior to our receiving the finished product, so we chose to partner with Carbonfund.org based on their cross-industry reputation for supporting projects associated with offsetting, energy-efficiency, conservation and other means of fighting climate change.”  – Josh Jacobsen, Co-Founder