City Gruenwald
Country Germany

Many investors and businesses fail to realize their full potential in M&A, growth, and transformation situations. This is mostly due to similar reasons: Heterogeneous IT systems and data structures that make fast and profound business decisions difficult, ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors that are perceived as threats instead of being proactively addressed and turned into opportunities, and insufficient transformational leadership that limits employee motivation and therefore resilience and value creation of the company. These problems need to be addressed at the root instead of fighting their symptoms.

Radial supports investors and businesses with an interdisciplinary approach to achieve sustainable success in M&A, growth, and transformation situations. The company uniquely combines different disciplines from finance accounting, sustainability, data science, as well as the coaching area into an integrated and modular consulting approach. In this way, hard facts for business decisions are quickly created, but the focus is always on people. Radial also brings in own best practices: The company aims to be 100% carbon neutral and lives social commitment, diversity, sustainable corporate governance, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Environmental Commitment:

Radial acts on climate change and commits itself to work 100% carbon neutral, source from sustainable suppliers, and decrease material consumption to a minimum. This includes reducing business travels and promoting remote work, creating and maintaining paperless and fully digitalized processes, critically reviewing suppliers, and neutralizing remaining emissions with credible offsets.

“When we founded Radial, our aspiration was no less to rethink all concepts in management consulting that existed so far. That does not only mean that we always provide unique and excellent professional services to our clients, but also that we ourselves are always aware of our social responsibility. Therefore, we run several initiatives to reduce and offset climate emissions. We believe Carbonfund is the right partner for us to achieve this objective and a great platform for companies to challenge and learn from each other.” – Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller & Wolf-Heinrich Werling, Co-Founders