Quito ZOO

City Guayllabamba
State Quito
Country Ecuador

Created in 1997, the Quito Zoo is devoted to the preservation of the native fauna, and the biodiversity of the Ecuadorian Amazonia.  Their main goal is the education about the problems that affects the endangered species and promoting the awareness about a more respectful relationship between human and nature.

As part of its own nature the Quito Zoo has been deep into environmentally friendly practices, not just internally, but as part of the education process that they give to the visitors.  In 2020 the zoo made the first quantification of their carbon footprint, and by 2021 (with their second GHG Inventory) the management decided to certificate the Zoo as 100% Carbon Neutral®.

“The Quito Zoo has been one of the firsts organizations in Ecuador in being serious about their carbon neutrality process.  Of course, for them is important to partner with a program that have all the international credibility needed.  And for us, in the 100% Carbon Neutral Program, having them is a honor.” – Javier Segura M., Director, 100% Carbon Neutral Program®