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Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd.


Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd specializes in sightseeing tours into Skippers Canyon. Skippers Tours can be combined with a Wine Tour to experience a full day in the Wakatipu Basin. They employ 7 on-call Driver-Guides and have been offering their service into Skippers Canyon for more than 10 years now.

Environmental Commitment

We believe that everyone has his or her impact on the environment. We have all individual footprints. This requires individual measures and ways to reduce our footprint. We aim to know what our contribution is, mainly to CO2 emissions, and how we can mitigate them. Our goal is to have a detailed understanding about which task performed creates which kind of footprint. We want to reduce our footprint as best as possible. Where resource usage and Carbon Footprint is created and is not avoidable, we aim to off-set our damage done.

“It was very important for us to work with an organization that supports certified projects that are internationally recognized and comply with set standards. We also sought an organization that offered verification by independent auditors. Carbonfund.org met these criteria.” – Mrs. Yasmine Sander Ickenroth, Owner and Managing Director of Queenstown Heritage Tours Ltd.

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