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PureLife empowers dental practitioners to make a positive difference in the health of their patients, staff, and environmental impact, so “better health” can be a realistic part of every purchase decision they make.

From complete waste solutions to everyday dental supplies, PureLife offers dental health professionals a unique combination of name-brand products, compelling prices and high-touch service. We believe that healthy patients, a healthy planet, and healthy profits can all be achieved, with no tradeoffs required.

Please visit www.purelifedental.com for more information.

Environmental Commitment

Through Carbonfund.org, we offset 100% of our company emissions, as well as all of the shipping emissions for every product we sell, from the manufacturing line to the customer’s door. We’re also blazing the trail in improving environmental and human health in the dental industry through an extensive and growing Feel Good Collection comprised of eco-friendly products, healthier alternatives and waste compliance solutions.

PureLife’s highly-trained sales force consists of dental product experts with firsthand knowledge of dental offices. We take pride in building strong relationships with our customers, offering advice on the products that best address the customer’s needs and educating them on the health benefits or ecological aspects of the solutions that we sell. We are continuously looking to expand that level of expertise to other areas of healthcare.

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