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At Pureclinica, our aim is to provide the strongest natural health supplements available online. We get it, we all want to be healthy, but nobody wants to sit around all day swallowing pills and capsules. That’s why we pack our products with double, triple, even ten times the normal amount of active ingredients. And because we offer affordable prices to our customers around the world, they end up paying less and getting more of what they paid for.

We also ensure that our products meet and exceed the highest cGMP and ISO standards for quality through rigorous testing. Why? Well, we like to say that the people we care about use our products. It’s not just a slogan. Back in 2005, our company was born after our founder couldn’t find the right health supplements for his sick mother. This is where the commitment to our product comes from, and, ultimately, who we are – a family business that wants to help the people it cares about.

Environmental Commitment:

The health of our community has always been paramount for Pureclinica. Not just because we’re a health supplement company, but on a fundamental level. For example, two key members of our team formerly worked on community outreach programs for the National Health Service here in the UK, helping people with their health and wellness at a grassroots level. We also support two stroke foundations in our hometown and donate a portion of every sale we make to the Vitamin Angels program, which provides children and new mothers with life-saving vitamins and minerals.

However, more recently, we have recognized that perhaps the most important issue for the health of our community is climate change. This caused us to take a long, hard look at our carbon footprint, and when we did, we immediately decided to pursue vigorous action to reduce it. Of course, there is no one better right now at helping businesses like ours achieve this than Carbonfund.

“A key element of our business model at Pureclinica is the inspiration we receive from our community of customers. In fact, a large number of our products were developed directly in response to their suggestions and requests. Lately though, they’ve been inspiring us in a different way. More and more, our customers are not just health conscious, but part of a growing movement of those who are conscious of the environmental impacts of their shopping habits. Following their example, it seems clear that we must show environmental leadership as a business.

Certainly, much as with the growth of our company, we understand that success comes through collaboration and community. This is why we’re so excited to be joining the vibrant community of leaders and innovators at Carbonfund. What they have done in the fight against climate change over the past two decades, and what they have planned in the future, is, well, inspiring.” – Andrew Smith, Founder