Pura Coco

City Guácimo
State Limón
Country Costa Rica

Cocojo produces, bottle, and distributes the PuraCoco Beverages; with coconut water cold brew coffee, and filtered coconut water its most recognized products.

The company has been developed under the concept of a full cycle environmentally friendly production.  Which basically means that, even though the process uses natural organic raw materials, the process itself reduce and reutilize those materials, creating a low carbon, low waste, low emission company.  In order to prove their point the company decides in 2020 to become a 100% Carbon Neutral Company®.

“New products, new ways of satisfy customers, new ways of production…  all of them are part of the new, low emissions economy.  Cocojo is part of that new economy, and we, at the 100% Carbon Neutral Program® are more than happy to work alongside with them.” – Javier Segura M., Director, 100% Carbon Neutral Program®