Pronuvo, S.A.

City Guápiles
State Limón
Country Costa Rica

Pronuvo is a one of a kind company in the Americas, dedicated to the production of biological material (insects based) in order to produce pet food, cattle food, and similar.

The whole industrial, biological and Biotechnological, process has been designed to be a very low environmental impact process.  Thus, the company decided to get their 100% Carbon Neutral Company® certification as soon as it was possible, in order to make clear their intentions to be part of a new, green economy.

“It is always exciting to see the surging and developing of a new industry.  Moreover if that industry is not just low carbon by itself, but its own operation help other companies to lower their environmental footprint.  And that is exactly what we have with Pronuvo.” – Javier Segura M., 100% Carbon Neutral Program®, Director.