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Pet Expertise is a small, family-run business owned by Jessica Rollins. The inspiration to create Pet Expertise was to help Jessica’s dog training clients choose the best and safest products for their dogs. Jessica is a certified positive dog trainer through the SF-SPCA with a bachelor’s degree in biology. She personally tests each dog product for quality and then she creates thorough and detailed descriptions to help you select the right product for your dog.Pet Expertise specializes in dog supplies that are safe and effective. We are very selective about the dog products we offer and do our best to make sure we choose items that are safe for dogs, so you will not see any shock or pinch collars for sale here.

Environmental Commitment

We purchase offsets as well as work to reuse shipping boxes and packaging. We only purchase biodegradable shipping materials. We also try to find products that are made in the USA of natural materials.

We love the earth and all of its creatures and do our best to make the world a better place in all of our activities through Pet Expertise – Jessica Rollins, Owner

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