Persona Nutrition, a Nestlé Health Science Company

City Snoqualmie
State WA
Country USA

Persona Nutrition takes the guesswork out of nutrition by addressing unique health needs with premium natural vitamins and supplements in pre-sorted, biodegradable packs. It all starts with a 5-minute assessment: You tell us about your diet, your lifestyle, your health goals, and we tailor a daily supplement pack to your unique needs. Every pill is approved by doctors and nutritionists and checked to make sure it won’t interact with your medications.

Sustainability initiatives at Persona are occurring in three focus areas.  We have categorized them to align with the way that most major brands bucket these types of activities and thus how consumers are being educated:

  1. Packaging Optimization
  2. Waste Reduction
  3. Carbon Neutrality

“Persona’s commitment to be a carbon neutral brand is a natural progression to our current pledge to offer sustainable packaging – from shipping boxes, personalized vitamin packs and dispensers – for the health of our customers and our communities. As a carbon neutral brand, we will be improving the environment while driving long-term sustainable growth, and we look forward to exploring other ways we can have a positive impact on people and our planet.” – Shawn Bushouse, Persona Nutrition Interim CEO and Head of Consumer Care – Acquired Businesses, Nestlé Health Science