Pearl Vintage

City New York City
State NY
Country USA

We are a small, family-owned and operated e-commerce business specializing in wearable, unique vintage jewelry and accessories from 1920 all the way up to 2020. We want our customers to feel a sense of pride buying from us. That means ten percent of profits made from our seasonal collection go towards a cause we stand behind in solidarity. This summer, a portion of profits from our Summer Love collection will go towards the National Bail Out. In addition to providing our customers with a chance to give back, we strive to center sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. As such, we ship using second-hand boxes and packaging materials. We are excited to now add membership in’s program to what we do.

We recently invested in compostable mailers for shipping. Also, we do not purchase shipping materials–we reuse bubble wrap, jewelry boxes, etc. and use a stamp with our logo and the phrase “Please excuse, we reuse” on these materials so that customers know our choice to reuse is an intentional one. We also seek to consolidate shipments from the places we source our jewelry and accessories from. This means we try to partner with one vendor and order a few items from them instead of partnering with several vendors and ordering one item from each of them.

“Partnering with is one of many steps we are taking as a business to center sound environmental practices in our business’s day-to-day. As a vintage jewelry and accessory store, we are proud to provide our customers the opportunity to wear and love beautiful things that already exist. But, our dedication to conscious fashion must extend beyond what we sell to how we sell it. We are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions from shipping and are a proud partner of’s reforestation efforts.” – Supriya Kotagal Wheat, Owner, Pearl Vintage