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Paws On Durham is a full-service professional pet sitting company.  We partner with pet owners to emulate the care and love they give to their pets.  We strive to provide a stress-free pet sitting experience by providing constant and professional communication with our clients.  Whether the client is at work, on the town, or on vacation, Paws On Durham provides peace of mind in knowing their pets are well taken care of.  All Paws On Durham pet sitters are hired as regular employees and receive extensive training from the Company.  All members of the Paws On Durham team are also bonded and insured.  Paws On Durham was born out of direct knowledge and experience of what it means to be away from the pets we love.

Our Mission:

Provide a hands-on approach to exceptional pet care through:

  • Safe, loving, reliable, and respectable care for our clients.
  • Professionalism and dedication to our clients above all else.
  • Excellence in hiring, training, and respect for our employees.
  • Leadership, accountability, and personal responsibility.
  • Partnering with non-profits, business, competitors, and veterinarians to care for pets and animals in need.

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to the environment is simple: We do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are a service provider; as such we travel to and from our office and homes to care for our clients’ pets.

When we are able, we take full advantage of walking or biking to a clients’ home, however, the majority of our business requires driving our cars.  To combat our carbon output, we purchase offsets through on behalf of all of our employees.

In addition to purchasing offsets, our additional efforts to control our footprint include:

  • Assigning pet sitters according to proximity of clients to reduce travel time
  • Using online reservation and profile systems to reduce paper waste
  • Using Energy Star and low energy consumption office machinery and natural light and CDL bulbs in corporate and home offices to reduce energy consumption
  • Developing plans for customers to become involved in reducing their footprint as well!

“Paws On Durham Pet Sitting is committed to reducing the Company’s carbon footprint by being aware of how our actions impact the environment.  We partnered with to purchase offsets to ensure we can make up for the carbon we cannot reduce.  Our goal is for our staff and clients to be socially responsible and aware of our actions and how we can continue to improve our planet.” – Anthony L. Garza, Owner/Top Dog

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