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Park Avenue Catering is the most highly regarded caterer in the North Bay. From its inception in 1989, Park Avenue Catering has supported local vendors and has been committed to protecting the environment, supporting sustainable, healthy alternatives and giving back to the community.

Chef Bruce Riezenman is one of California wine country’s top authorities on food & wine pairing and has taught and cooked around the world. Park Avenue Catering offers only sustainable seafood choices; serves shade-grown, fair trade coffee; is trans-fat-free; & uses rBST-free dairy products.

Bruce’s food focus is local, natural, sustainable and organic. Park Avenue Catering composts all our meat, diary and green waste, and also has an active recycling program. For more information, please visit

Environmental Commitment

Park Avenue Catering is working at reducing our carbon footprint through the following policies:

• Using appropriately sized vehicle for each event

• Encouraging employee carpools

• Allowing tele-commuting for specific jobs

• Providing employee meals in-house

• Purchasing new energy-efficient equipment

• Working alternative hours to allow energy use during non-peak hours

• Pre-set thermostats for offices

• Walk-in lights are on timers

• Use of large skylights in our warehouse greatly reduce the need for additional lighting during the day

• Our spent cooking oil is purchased for use in bio-diesel

• Following a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle

• When using single-use products, choosing those with the smallest total “start-to-finish” energy requirements

• Purchasing carbon-offsets We would like our carbon offset purchases to support a combination of projects supporting renewable energy resources and for reforestation.

“Making a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is another step in the direction of making Park Avenue Catering a positive force in our community.” Chef Bruce Riezenman, President/Executive Chef , Park Avenue Catering

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