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On Time Express Ltd.


We are Asia Pacific’s leading global Time Critical Delivery provider. We work very closely with most major multinational freight forwarding companies as well as directly with leading automotive, electronics, aviation and oil and gas corporations when they are facing critical deadlines or production stoppages.

Operating a truly 24/7/365 operation, we have flyers positioned in key global hubs ready to pick up shipments and fly them to customers at a moment’s notice, ensuring the fastest possible delivery time with the quickest possible turnaround.

Environmental Commitment

Our goal is to offset the carbon emissions that result from every flight where we have a global handcarry courier on board.

With air travel being a major contributor to carbon emissions and this being our shipments primary mode of transport, we feel compelled to try and offset our emissions.  Although we are unable to make our business entirely carbon free, we feel it is the first step in the right direction. Carbonfund.org has made it easy to calculate our emissions and supports a wide range of worthy programmes.” – Devon Bovenlander, Director – Time Critical Solutions.

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