Nspire Lighting LLC

City Marion
State Indiana
Country United States

Nspire Lighting was born from an insatiable passion to create awe-inspiring products. Now, beautiful design and Earth-friendly materials can coexist in harmony, without compromise. From the upfront use of raw materials, to end-of-life product considerations, our products were developed with a deep respect for nature and its strength. Our lights are artisan crafted from materials that normally end up in landfills as waste. We capture that material and repurpose it to create high-quality, robust, lighting products. Our revolutionary manufacturing process combines artistry and science, realizing a vision that was produced over 8 years ago.

Our team has been diligently streamlining manufacturing and simplifying packaging to ensure that our products leave as minimal an impact as possible. Our partnership with Carbonfund.org moves us closer to our goal of offsetting not only our energy usage, but the energy usage of products for the end-customer as well; for the life of the product.

“Our partnership with Carbonfund.org anchors our vision around building an awe-inspiring collection of products that reduce waste and leave absolutely no impact on this beautiful world of ours.” – TJ Eads, Director of Design & Manufacturing