Northern Latitude Adventures

City Seward
State AK
Country USA

Small group, 6 passenger max boat tours. Whale watching / glacier and wildlife tours to Kenai Fjords National Park.


At Northern Latitude Adventures we understand that taking care of our environment is key to a sustainable future. We constantly strive to be good stewards of the natural resources around us.

Whether it is stopping the boat to pick up trash out of the ocean, or just going slow to reduce noise when approaching or leaving marine wildlife, you can count on us to be at the forefront of best stewardship practices.

We have also recently partnered with the Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance, whose mission is to enjoy and advocate for healthy water land and air, to help support their marine debris clean-up efforts and other important projects. We encourage you to check out the great work they are doing and would love if you would click on the optional donation button at checkout. Donations can also be made directly through their website.

Reducing our carbon footprint

In 2020 we invested in brand new higher fuel efficiency, low emission diesel motors for our boat the “Enukn”. The upgrade will save several gallons of diesel on every trip which directly reduces our carbon footprint. In addition the higher emission standard on the new engines are far superior with a likely NOx emission reduction of 80% or more. Another plus is they are much quieter which provides a better guest experience and reduces noise pollution. Our other 2 boats are powered by high efficiency, low emission 4-stroke marine outboards.

Carbon Offsetting

Since it’s not possible to completely eliminate the carbon footprint of a boat tour we have partnered with to offer certified carbon offsets for the remaining impact. By purchasing the carbon offset credits that we offer, you can help us to make your excursion a carbon neutral event. We have estimated the cost of the carbon offsetting to only $1 per person for a 3-4 hour tour, and only $2 per person for one of our longer trips out to the glaciers. We offer these offsets as a preselected optional charge when checking out.


We make sure to recycle all the aluminum cans from the provided soft drinks, and any other recyclable items we find.

Reducing plastic waste

We are taking steps to reduce plastic waste were we can.

We have replaced the plastic stir sticks in our coffee stations with sustainable, biodegradable wooden ones.

also In order to reduce plastic waste we encourage all guest to bring their own refillable (non single use) water bottle. Drinking water will be available to refill your bottle and we also have paper cups to use if needed. Thank you for helping us to reduce single use plastic waste.

Supporting our community

Supporting and being involved in our community has always been a top priority for us.

We believe in buying local and supporting other small businesses whenever possible. We have partnered with the Sea Bean Cafe in Seward for the lunches on our 5.5 hr and longer tours.

We have also supported the Seward Volunteer Fire Department, Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department, and the Phoenix Chapter of the Alaska State Fire Fighters Association with Donations to their various fundraisers over the Years.

Twice our Boats and Crew have voluntarily assisted in rescue missions for injured hikers in remote areas of Resurrection Bay and we received a letter of recognition from the Alaska State Troopers for our Service.

“As a company that directly benefits from being able to access pristine wilderness environments we want to do everything we can to protect those resources. We see some of the effects of climate change in person on a daily basis. Warming of the Ocean waters under our keel and noticeable shrinking of Alaska’s icefields and glaciers are clear and present indicators of changes in our climate. We know that excessive CO2, and other greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere are contributing to these changes.

In addition to taking measures to reduce our own impacts, we have partnered with to offset our carbon footprint and help reduce excessive carbon buildup in earth’s atmosphere.” – Captain Leif Brasher, Northern Latitude Adventures