City Bologna
Country Italy

We produce dietary supplements, and we specialize in the production of liquid extracts and tinctures.  All our products are made with natural ingredients, are alcohol free and for the whole family, including children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. We sell our products online in Europe through our website and on and will very soon be launching our line in the USA as well.

We are very committed to fighting the environmental issues as we believe that Nature gives us everything we need if it is well fed and loved. If we take care of it, it will take care of us. We are a part of a whole and cannot ignore the problems that are undermining its wellbeing. We planted a forest of 30 trees in 4 different African states, we use renewable energy in our offices, and consume water sold by a company that donates 100 liters (every bottle sold) of drinking water in African villages, also contributing to the realization of water projects in poor villages. Moreover, we are starting a project with WWF to safeguard the Mediterranean Sea to combat the plastic pollution in the sea and we have many other projects in mind to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity which is now at a great risk.

“We are widening our environmental commitment and found that offers a good service to offset our carbon emissions which we wanted to offset. Moreover, our aim is to collaborate with different companies to further expand our engagement.” – Bianca Ioppolo, Export Manager