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Marstel-Day, LLC


Since its inception in 2002, Marstel-Day has been committed to executing projects that enhance the environment and permanently conserve natural resources and wildlife habitat. We believe that new insights can be achieved through a process of open-minded communication, discussion, analysis and negotiation, and that the often disparate standards and missions of different segments of society can be coalesced.

To this end, our cadre of professionals contributes our best thinking possible towards the resolution of intractable conservation policy and land use issues. Our involvement with high-value, intrinsically meaningful activities gives us the sense of satisfaction that comes from integrating hard work with heartfelt commitment.

Environmental Commitment

Our goal is to identify, adopt, and promote progressive environmental standards and practices that demonstrate our internal corporate commitment to sustainable energy and environmental excellence, and to incorporate this knowledge and information into the advice we provide to our clients.

This includes not only carbon offsets for all of our employees work-related travel but also permanent commitment to getting cars off the road via VTC, Skype and other forms of visual and audio communications that link our clients and employees; situating the majority of our employees either close to an office or ensuring that they have access to public transportation; use of rain barrels for harvesting water at our company’s main office; company-wide recycling and energy efficiency programs; and our yearly commitment to Earth Day in which all of our employees are released from their usual workload in order to work on a green project for the community in which they reside, such as planting trees.

“ is the best thing going; they have managed to link up with businesses and enable them to do the right thing without introducing either unneeded complexity or unnecessary overhead into the process.”

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