Macro-Mediterranean Holistic Nutrition, Ltd.


Macro-Mediterranean Holistic Nutrition is a nationwide home delivery service, based in Medford, MA.  We prepare completely vegan meals,  incorporating traditional Mediterranean foods and spices, utilizing macrobiotic principles of food preparation,  Many of our ingredients are organically grown and all are natural.   Striving to be a “carbon-free business”, reducing emissions and donating money towards renewable energy, we have also achieved our goal of “zero waste,” recycling and composting over ninety percent of the waste generated by production.  We also have designed our service to be economical to allow for everyday use with meals costing as little as $7.00 per serving.

Delivery to the Boston area is free and we offer economical shipping options to the rest of the country.

Please visit our website to learn more about our services, meal plans, and pricing.

Environmental Commitment

We strongly believe that, just as we know our food can be made to be both healthful and delicious, we know running our business with the goal of helping us all to live more healthfully, can also be done in a way that will contribute rather than detract from the health of the planet we live on.

Beyond simply using only ingredients with a low carbon footprint, or using drastically less energy to cook meals for our clients when compared to each of them cooking the same meals in their homes, we built our business from the start with energy and space efficiency as an integral part of our design philosophy. We have found that this strategy not only allows us to run our business in an environmentally responsible way, but the work we put in to innovate strategies to keep our business efficient also benefits us because it naturally has allowed us to stay competitive even through difficult economic times.

At the same time we recognize that staying efficient can only do so much and if our goal is to have a positive effect on the planet that sustains us, we must do more.

“We have partnered with to help us achieve this goal by working with them to calculate our carbon footprint, and then donating in excess of that amount to help fund’s carbon reduction projects that invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, reforestation and avoided deforestation. Through these donations, we try to do our small part to help support them in their initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions at a global scale, and feel like this way our efforts can go beyond just what we could achieve on our own.” Jeremy L Hayward-Thomas, President

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