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LN Engineering LLC


LN Engineering, a leader in the Porsche aftermarket for high performance products and services, is producer of the trademarked Nickies™ cylinders for aircooled and watercooled Porsches among other niche items. LN Engineering has established itself as the only premium brand in the industry with a well-respected name and customer base, devoted to continued research and development in the area of lubricants as well as improving the efficiency and longevity for all Porsche models.

Environmental Commitment

To reduce our dependence on foreign materials, we purchase all our material from U.S. sources and recycle 100% of scrap. We have also gone to environmentally friendly solvents and coolants for our manufacturing.


“Although sports car manufacturers are striving to improve performance and increase efficiency of new models, little is done in the way of improving this on existing models. Limited by older technology, a reduction in emissions is limited to ensuring older vehicles are running as well as possible, so offsetting the carbon footprint of historically eco-unfriendly vehicles is one way to make sure we’ll be able to enjoy them for decades to come while improving our environment.” – Charles Navarro, President

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