Live Superfoods


Live Superfoods is a purveyor of raw, organic, vegan foods. In addition to our own Live Superfoods brand, we offer complementary foods, whole food supplements and personal care products from our industry’s finest suppliers. Our company owns and operates a USDA-certified organic packaging facility in Bend, Oregon.

We purchase raw vegan ingredients which we package in consumer-size packages and sell directly to the public. We pride ourselves on having a very rapid inventory turnover, which ensures that our customers receive the freshest possible products.

Environmental Commitment

100% of our shipping cartons and packaging materials are eco-friendly.

We start with recyclable cartons that we assemble using recyclable paper tape.

We’ve replaced bubble wrap with corrugated cardboarding fluting and fill the void with kraft paper and biodegradable starch peanuts.

We reuse our suppliers’ cartons and packaging materials to further reduce waste, and encourage them to join our eco-friendly initiative.

And of course we purchase carbon offsets to offset the impact of our business operations, our employees’ commutes and importation and shipment of all our products.

“As individuals, we’re extremely excited about the locavore movement. But since Live Superfoods specializes in superfoods that are typically grown in exotic places, our company hasn’t been able to participate. Now, by purchasing carbon offsets from, we’re able to import and deliver our foods to the ultimate consumer carbon-free. Our products now have a smaller carbon footprint than foods delivered by farmers to the local farmers’ market!” – Tom Burke, CEO

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