Country United States

LightHawk believes the power of flight can accelerate conservation efforts. That’s why our 501 (c)(3) non-profit leverages the skill and generosity of over 200 volunteer pilots to benefit conservation projects. We believe seeing our world from above causes people to understand and care about what they witness from the air and stirs them into action when they return to the ground.

We partner with conservation groups in the US, Canada, Central America and Mexico to employ flight to protect land and water for people and nature.


Environmental Commitment

LightHawk values the earth and the life that depends upon it. Before any conservation flight leaves the ground, we ensure it is a good use of the flight resource and will result in multiple benefits for conservation.

Additionally, we partner with to offset our carbon footprint from LightHawk conservation flights, including all flights completed by our volunteer pilots, as well as travel that our staff and board undertake in the course of LightHawk business.