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LG Electronics USA, Inc.


LG Electronics USA has joined forces with the Carbonfund.org Foundation to help educate consumers and retailers about environmental sustainability. A broad range of LG products — from consumer electronics and home appliances to mobile phones, LED lighting and solar panels — have earned the CarbonFree®Certification label.  Working with the Carbonfund.org Foundation, LG completed a life cycle analysis on core products to determine their carbon footprints from raw material extraction and production to use and disposal. CarbonFreeCertification is a transparent, meaningful label that distinguishes products that have undergone this rigorous third-party certification process.

LG’s alliance with the leading nonprofit carbon reduction and climate solutions organization marks the first time that CarbonFree-certified LCD TV, LCD monitor, refrigerator, clothes washer, LED lamp or solar panel products are available to the public. In addition to the LG CarbonFree certification, the LG TVs, monitors, washing machines and refrigerators also are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Environmental Commitment

CarbonFree® products represent one of many aspects of LG’s already robust environmental commitment both as a company and provider of energy-efficient products and services.  LG Electronics has embraced its responsibility as a global corporation and is proud to be doing its part by leading voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction programs and developing environmentally-friendly products.  LG Electronics is 2012 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.

In the United States, LG has committed to reduce GHG emissions by 50 percent by 2020 (compared with a 2007 base).  To help achieve this goal, LG has a robust environmental management strategy in place and is also developing more environmentally friendly products to create a cleaner, safer world.   LG is tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gases emitted from its production facilities and is looking to reduce environmental impacts from production as well.  LG’s ongoing inventory process will reduce emissions from its products by our continually monitoring statistics.  It also plans to eliminate waste by increasing energy-efficiency and using new technology, designed to work with renewable energy.

LG Electronics USA’s efforts on GHG reduction dovetail with LG’s global green initiatives, which focus on producer responsibility through consumer take back/recycling programs, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions in manufacturing and the supply chain, consumer education aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of product use, reductions of hazardous substances, promotion and development of renewable energy technologies, and developing innovative green life cycle product designs.

“As part of our goal to become the most sustainable consumer products company in the world, LG is thrilled to partner with the Carbonfund.org in this groundbreaking effort,” said Wayne Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics USA.  “Achieving the CarbonFree label for these products both validates the efforts we have made to reduce our carbon footprint and provides consumers important information they can trust.”

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