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Landfillart is an international effort encompassing 1,041 artists to repurpose a piece of rusted metal and create fine art. The pieces of rusted metal are reclaimed hub caps turned into “metal canvases”.

The ultimate goals of this project are twofold. The first is to compile a book with the story and photos of the evolution of and the coming together of artists for a common cause, making great art out of rusted refuse. The other is to select 200 of these metal canvases to travel and inspire other such movements. For information or to participate visit

Environmental Commitment

We are excited to partner with! Both organizations share the goal of reuse, albeit our focus is reusing rusty old scraps of metal. Landfillart’s mission is focused on funding reforestation with any future profits. By forming this partnership, Landfillart is one step closer!

“This project embodies several key components. It is a collective endeavor requesting artists, worldwide, to think green and create great art. I’m hopeful, that upon completion, this project will weave a global tapestry which tells a compelling story of humanity; our similarities, our differences, and the common threads that binds us all.”

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