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Koru Eco Spa


As an organic spa, we offer a full range of organic and non-toxic spa services. We believe our health and the health of our environment are inherently connected. Thus, we are passionate about spreading positive change, environmental awareness, and holistic health in a laid-back, upbeat spa environment.

Environmental Commitment

From organic massage oils to non-toxic nail polishes we are committed to using only 100% organic and non-toxic products in our spa services. In addition, our furniture is made from reclaimed wood, our uniforms are organic cotton, our walls were painted using 0 VOC paint, we use energy efficient appliances, we carbon off-set, and in general we choose the green option whenever possible. We are also committed to being an active part of creating a greener future by raising environmental awareness and helping pro-environment agencies. Most recently, we are excited to announce the launch of our own new non-toxic sun care product line, Block Island Organics which offers safe, effective, and likeable sun care products.

“I believe in standing up and being an active part of the solution. Carbon offsetting is one step in the journey towards environmental sustainability that is easy for anyone to do and it makes a powerful statement.” – Lauren von Bernuth, Ms./Owner of Koru Eco Spa

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