Kiwano Marketing

City Vancouver
State BC
Country Canada

Climate change is affecting us all. It is also inflicted by our choices as individuals.

It should be easier to lead a sustainable and full life without having to choose between planet-responsible products or paying the extra $ (the ‘green premium’).

Our vision is to live in a world that offers an easy and affordable sustainable alternative to what we need for a decent living.

That’s what we’re working for. Will you join us?

Who we are: 

Kiwano Marketing provides sustainable marketing services to local businesses.

We are an award-winning agency that designs 360º marketing programs with a high return on investment – generating more sales for our clients while serving our local community.

With clients in Vancouver, Lisbon and Geneva, we work with growth-minded organizations, small businesses and nonprofits, among others. Our thought-leadership articles are featured in mainstream media such as Reuters and the Vancouver Sun, as well as in industry publications and doctoral thesis.

Our goal is to ease the transition towards a more environment-driven society, with the key focus on the community.

Our environmental commitment:

Our commitment to the environment is Kiwano’s raison d’être and one of the pillars of our operations.

We run a paperless office, and our web hosting – also a member – is powered by 100% renewable energy. We walk, bike and use public transport. In the rare instances we must drive or fly, we offset our carbon emissions. If printing for our clients is necessary, we use sustainable ink and eco-fonts, saving up to 25% in the printing process.

Through our work, we partner with our clients in their path to success as they maintain their business operations through sustainable means.

Our extensive partner network is as dedicated to the environment as we are, complementing our services, so our clients have the very best marketing services at a minimal cost for the planet. For instance, our local partners provide our customers with recycled and post-consumer materials printed with certified vegetable ink. We have also partnered with environmental consultants to enable our clients to do what they do best, while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our social commitment:

As a local community service provider, we are dedicated to promoting local businesses. We aim to empower our community’s prosperity, strengthen local ties, and enable the efficient use of resources.

By partnering with local, sustainable businesses, Kiwano ensures that the money invested by our clients stays within the community. Our services are, whenever possible, designed and produced locally.

We also participate in various community and reforestation events throughout the year, and have volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society, Metro Vancouver, the Stanley Park Ecology Society, ReFood, Plantar 1 Árvore, and Família Solidária (raising funds and food for families in need).

We are humbled to see our work and sustainability efforts recognized as a community leader, and were the proud recipients of Canada’s 2010 Green Torch Award by the Better Business Bureau.

Through our partnership with, Kiwano Marketing is now carbon-negative.

“We are so happy to see how businesses have evolved over the past 10+ years on their commitment towards a more sustainable and egalitarian society. When we started our operations in 2009, only a handful of organizations had environment-first policies. Now, we see that planet and people are getting at the root of what businesses do – clients expect nothing less from their favorite brands. Organizations such as CarbonFund play a critical role in this shift. At Kiwano Marketing, we will continue propelling this movement, and inspire further generations to build a better future.” – Sofia Ribeiro, Founder, Kiwano Marketing