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King of All Trades Design, aka Zach King, is based outside of Portland, OR. I am a freelance web and graphic designer with a wide range of design and marketing experience. On a personal level, I have some core values and beliefs that carry over to my business.

Environmental responsibility, philanthrophy and charitable giving, as well as social and community involvement, are part of not only my day to day life, but that of my business as well. I am happy to work with like-minded clients who often share my respect and passion for the world we all love, including Klean Kanteen and gDiapers.

Environmental Commitment

I am a member of Green America and 1% for the Planet (donating 1% of sales to environmental groups). I am also a member of Sustainable Business Network of Portland, a bronze Sponsor of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and donor, member, and volunteer with Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition.

My business regularly donates to and support numerous non-profits, including Earth Share of Oregon, Green Empowerment, Kiva Loans, MercyCorps, WaterWatch of Oregon, Rails to Trails Conservancy, and many, many others.

“I believe strongly in creating a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable world. It starts by each of us consuming and wasting less valuable resources. Making better decisions on the things we buy, our modes of transportation, and the foods we eat. Simplifying our lives to help reduce our impact on the amazing and beautiful natural world around us. We need to dramatically shift our thinking to help preserve and protect the planet we all love so much.”

“At the same time, we must invest time, money, and energy into our communities, both locally and globally, to improve the lives of people and places around us. I continue to be optimistic and inspired by the passion, ingenuity, and resiliency of human nature, and I truly believe we can all make a difference in creating a better future.”

“I chose to help offset my carbon emissions as a valuable partner in my goals and passion to reduce my business’s impact on the world and environment, helping support valuable projects like forestry and conservation, reductions in climate change, increased energy efficiency, and renewable energy offsets.” – Zach King, Owner

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