Kessler Consulting, Inc.

City Tampa
State FL
Country United States

Kessler Consulting, Inc. (KCI) is a leader in solid waste management planning.  Since 1988, we have provided practical and innovative consulting services to more than 200 public and private sector clients.  We are on the leading edge of sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

Our focus is solely on solid waste management issues, having expertise in the areas of strategic solid waste management and zero waste planning, collection and processing procurements, rate studies, program evaluation and implementation, waste composition studies, composting programs, and collection, transfer and processing system optimizations.   

Environmental Commitment

Kessler Consulting is proud to be a carbon neutral company:

  • Our office utilizes on-site recycling and food waste composting, double-sided printing, equipment reuse, low-flow water products, xeriscaping, nontoxic cleaning supplies, energy-efficient lighting and equipment, and thermostat control programs to reduce waste and conserve energy and water.
  • Kessler Consulting purchases all of our paper products with post-consumer recycled content and utilizes reusable/refillable items such as pens, pencils, and ink and toner cartridges.
  • Kessler Consulting utilizes hybrid sedans for all automobile travel.
  • Recent Waste Comp Study revealed that we have an 84% recycling rate in our office.

“KCI cares about what we do, the world we live in, and we work every day to practice what we preach. is a great partner in helping us work toward our sustainability goals and be advocates for environmental stewardship.” – Mitch Kessler, President