Kenko Tea

City Melbourne
Country Australia

Kenko Tea is a retailer of premium Japanese green tea and matcha powder via our online store at We source our matcha green tea from sustainably run, family owned farms throughout Uji, Kagoshima and Nishio in southern Japan.

‘Kenko’ translates to health in Japanese. We are committed to improving people’s health via our organic matcha green tea, and also the health of the planet that we all live on.

Environmental Commitment:

Kenko Tea is committed as a company to making a positive impact on our world, both to the individuals we serve and the planet as a whole. We are reducing our packaging sizes wherever possible to reduce our footprint and use sea shipping for some orders. As we use air shipping for some of our tea shipments to ensure freshness, we are partnering with Carbonfund to offset our carbon footprint. We support reforestation projects with our contribution to Carbonfund.

“While we have always been focused on producing high quality, healthy teas, we feel we could be doing more to help with the health of our environment. So, we are proud to partner with Carbonfund to offset some of our carbon footprint in addition to our internal efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact wherever possible at Kenko Tea.” – Sam Speller, Director – Kenko Tea