City Zapopan
State Jalisco
Country México

We are the best option for hospitality amenities, equipment and hotel supplies in Latin America. We live our values everyday. We care about our oceans, the air we breathe, the environment in which we live, the quality of life of those who work with us, other cultures, our bodies, future generations and our natural resources. These values, added to our expansive production capabilities, the quality of our products, excellent customer service, our logistics capacity and registered certifications strengthen our international presence, allowing NHG™ Nuture Hospitality Group to provide solutions to the most prestigious companies in Latin America and North America.

JYPESA offsets the company’s carbon emissions by up to 115% by supporting the Envira Amazonia Tropical Rain forest conservation project.  In addition to reducing CO2 levels, JYPESA has an exclusive partnership with Envision OB plastics, helping marine life and birds by using packaging created from plastic collected from our oceans and waterways.  JYPESA also offers an alternative of working with biodegradable plastics, in addition to using sustainable palm oils in our soaps.  They also participate in community collection programs that generate income for at-risk economic communities. They also use natural/organic ingredients, RSPO palm oils (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) in their soaps and unbleached recycled cartons.  Humanitarian support for a better life for others.  They provide health and nutritional education for their staff. They also offer alternatives without parabens, sulfates, or CDEA Natural/organic ingredients selected.

“As a manufacturer and provider of hospitality products, it is of paramount importance that we not only provide unsurpassed product quality, and service levels, but that NHG also shares the values of our team, our families, our trading partners and guests in caring about the environment mitigating climate change via supporting Amazon conservation projects, protecting biodiversity, and enhancing the lives of rural forest communities.” – Adrian Lopez, CEO / Owner