Jenson USA, America’s Bike Shop

City Riverside
State California
Country United States

Jenson USA is a leading online retailer of bicycles, components, parts, and accessories at With over 25 years of experience, we are proud to lead the industry in carbon offsetting initiatives. One of our six core values is to Be a Sustainable Business, and this includes a component of environmental responsibility.

Our Founder and CEO, Mike Cachat, comments that “Being a sustainable business is much more than dollars and cents. You have to consider the impacts of your decisions socially and environmentally as well. I am proud of the commitments we have made to neutralizing our carbon footprint with”

Here at Jenson USA, we foster a culture of continuous improvement in our operations, and we remain committed to supporting a healthy and sustainable business. We balance financial growth with corporate responsibility and short-term gains with long-term impacts.

We share our customers’ desire to support all types of human powered transportation, but do not underestimate the environmental costs of doing business in this industry. We actively seek to integrate business practices that will reduce or eliminate carbon emissions in every way possible.

Thank you for making us America’s Bike Shop and joining us for the ride!