JellyChip Pte Ltd

City Singapore
Country Singapore

About Us

JellyChip is a social, people-powered environment app for buying trees and reducing carbon. Buy trees and reduce carbon directly from your mobile device. No payment required.

Give with a tap or sit back and watch people from around the world save the world. The app is available on iOS here or Android here

Our Environmental Mission

JellyChip as an organisation is premised on helping people change the world through innovative means. For every gift that is bought in our app, we pay for every gift purchased.

We find innovative ways to pay for our in-app gifts through surveys, reward videos or in-app purchases, which means it costs our users nothing to save the environment.

We believe in the power of crowdsourcing and have equipped our users with an app that allows people to crowdsource charity gifts for free wherever they may be, around the world.

We have just launched our app and expect our donations to to grow significantly as we grow larger.

Our Belief

“We wholeheartedly believe in the charity model; and feel JellyChip can be a great way to generate long term support for the cause of the environment. By crowdsourcing giving for free, we believe that JellyChip can be a great asset to saving our planet, reducing our carbon footprint, and promoting sustainable business practices.” – James Downing, CEO and Founder