Jasmine Norris Photography

City Lafayette
State IN
Country USA

Jasmine Norris Photography is an award winning and published wedding photographer based in Indiana but she photographs weddings worldwide. For over eight years, Jasmine Norris Photography has been providing wedding couples with romantic and joyful images that they will love and treasure for generations all while helping them have a stress free wedding experience.

Not only do couples deserve gorgeous wedding images (and wedding photos that will make their friends jealous) but they also deserve a great wedding photography experience. Jasmine Norris Photography strives to not only photograph couples weddings beautifully but to also provide them with an unforgettable experience. She arms her couples with lots of help and guidance from family formals to wedding day timelines to posing and a lot more, she makes sure the experience is as fun and as stress free as possible.

Jasmine Norris Photography owner, Jasmine Norris, has always been committed to environmental efforts and giving back.  As a wedding photographer, she understands how big of an environmental footprint weddings can have and she strives to not only make her business’s environmental footprint as low as possible but she also arms her clients with ways to make sure their wedding has a low waste footprint.  A portion of all sales are donated to environmental causes each year.

“We only have one Earth, and we need to take care of it!  I chose to partner with Carbonfund for my business because they make it easy to offset your carbon footprint for everyone!  I love that they offer different projects to help offset carbon emissions from renewable energy to forestry so that you can choose the project that you are committed in.  Partnering with Carbonfund to help offset my business’s carbon usage was a no-brainer.” – Jasmine Norris, Owner