J. H. Appleseed

City Phillipsburg
State NJ
Country United States

J.H. Appleseed strives to provide reliable and eco-friendly substitutions for everyday products to minimize waste and encourage sustainable lifestyles in order to do our part in preserving a healthy planet as well as promoting a safe and equitable future for its inhabitants.

We aim to maximize choice in order to minimize waste and provide our customers with easy access to various truly green lifestyle products. We encourage our customers to likewise think and act sustainably to lower their impact on the planet and create a healthier environment for our communities and future generations to thrive in, even if that means not buying our products until they are truly needed. All shipping is automatically carbon offset and we encourage our customers to buy in bulk and reward them for doing so with our rewards program as that helps to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and packaging. We use reused or recycled (and of course recyclable) packaging and encourage you to use our natural packing material for your compost or gardens. We also strongly value diversity and racial justice, including environmental justice, and do our best to promote products from Black, LGBTQIA+, Hispanic or Latinx, and other minority-owned businesses.

We also donate to many different charities that support a variety of environmental and social issues, including environmental education and awareness, preservation, and reforesting, as well as environmental and racial injustice. We start at the source– we stay away from putting most of our money towards carbon capture like most big companies who hope rapidly advancing technology will save them as they continue polluting the planet. We place most of our support in environmental charities who look at the true causes of environmental degradation and aim to prevent them, as well as building up and protecting our planet’s natural carbon sequestering systems like wetlands and rainforests.

“We are excited to put our money where our mouth is and partner with Carbonfund.org to help us reduce the ecological footprint of our business and customers, allowing us to leave a positive impact on the planet by encouraging sustainable lifestyles and minimizing waste on every level.” – Haley Salmon, Founder