Imprenta Mariscal Cía Ltda

City Quito
Country Ecuador
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Printing and Lithography

Imprenta Mariscal is a pioneer in comprehensive solutions for the printing industry, generating development opportunities for its clients, maintaining values that support its commitment to sustainable progress with the development of human talent, social responsibility, and generating profitability for the organization.

“The fight against climate change requires many things, but among the most important is the leadership of the most relevant companies in each country,” says Javier Segura M. COO Latam, 100% Carbon Neutral Program. “That is why the arrival of Imprenta Mariscal to the 100% Carbon Neutral Program is a great step in the fight against climate change in Ecuador, beyond solidifying the company’s business leadership.”

For many years, Imprenta Mariscal has been measuring, and studying its own carbon footprint; in addition to taking the necessary actions to mitigate its environmental impact. All these actions have their highest point with the achievement of the status of 100% Carbon Neutral Company in 2023.