HW Anderson

City New York
State NY
Country USA

HW Anderson are a buy side focused executive search firm that delivers investment and trading talent to Hedge Funds, Trading Houses and Private Equity firms. Notably, our Commodities Executive Search practice has a market leading position in North America and Europe as a leading recruiter for senior Carbon Trading and Origination roles.

Our environmental commitment is two fold. Firstly, we want to price the carbon emissions we create as a business into our operating model and cost structure on an annual basis. Thanks to Carbonfund.org, we have successfully achieved and maintained this goal. Secondly, by the 10 year anniversary of our firm’s inception (2024) we will offset our historical carbon emission balance as well as maintain our annual offsetting goal. In short, HW Anderson’s commitment is to be a lifetime carbon neutral firm by 2024.

“Our environmental commitment is a recognition by the collective HW Anderson team that businesses, even small firms like ours, should price in environmental impact as a cost of doing business. Our decision to partner with Carbonfund.org was driven by the transparency provided around projects and the variety of projects available to small businesses as well as the attentive customer service and intuitive purchasing process.” – Peter Henry, Managing Director