Hotel Giada

City Sámara Beach, Guanacaste
Country Costa Rica

Hotel Giada, at Sámara Beach, is not just the best hotel at the area, but the sustainable tourism leader in the Sámara zone.  This hotel have a great name in that well known Costa Rican area, not just because of ther hotelier services, but because their food and their environmental commitment.

The 100% Carbon Neutral Program® have reported that this hotel have reached their third year as a Carbon Neutral Hotel, certified by the mentioned Costa Rican International Program.  During such time, the hotel have implemented good environmental practices in cooking, cooling and transport that have allow them to reduce 27% of their original footprint.

The tourism industry in Costa Rica is really important, and the environmental commitment of such industry is above international standards.  But Hotel Giada´s environmental commitment is well above the industry; that is how good they are as a sustainable hotel.”  Jonathan Chanto, Re-certifications Officer, 100% Carbon Neutral® Program