Horan Companies Inc

City Baldwinsville
State NY
Country United States

We are an independent agency in Baldwinsville, New York, free to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. Horan Companies represents a carefully selected group of financially strong & reputable insurance companies. Therefore, we can offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price.

There is so much more to say, a car insurance policy, than just the price. We educate our clients on what the numbers that make up that price actually mean. We use real life scenarios to showcase how their coverage would impact them (both positively and negatively) should they ever need to use it. You should not have to be an expert on insurance to feel informed about what it is you’re purchasing. We take our knowledge and share the best parts of it with you.

Environmental Commitment:

While we are a small office, we start with the things that are within our control. If computer hardware or peripheral items can’t be repurposed, we go the extra step to recycle them properly. We order and use products that have been made using recycled materials. We set our thermostat on a timed rotation for when we are in the office versus when we are not. All but one of our team lives within 5 miles of the office which helps reduce our emissions on a daily basis. 

We found Carbonfund to be an honest organization in an often-dishonest space. We applaud their efforts for bringing together businesses who are made up of citizens who want to do their part to exact a positive change for our climate and Earth. – Steven Ladd,  Chief Operating Officer.