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Today, the term “Green Building” is thrown around a great deal by anyone trying to capitalize on the movement toward healthier, sustainable alternatives. We at HealthyHome have been at it 15 years, and have extensive experience with the products we offer.

Each product is evaluated thoroughly to meet our standards for Green Building, Sustainability, Recyclabilty, and its contribution to a Healthy Home and Planet. Those high standards translate into the best products for you and your family. Because at HealthyHome, Home Health Matters.

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Environmental Commitment

HealthyHome is proud to partner with to offset our carbon footprint as well as all customer shipping by supporting a combination of renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.

“Since a large part of our customer base resides outside of the Tampa Bay area, relies heavily on shipping companies to deliver our products across the US. Thanks to, we can now rest assured that we are offsetting the carbon we are unable to reduce.” – Tony Cowdrey

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