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HealthCare International is a leading supplier and distributor of innovative products for Health, Wellness, Fitness & Active Aging. Our products include Monark Testing Ergometers and Bikes, the PhysioStep Recumbent Elliptical, PhysioCycle XT, PhysioCycle RXT, H2O Fitness ProRowers, Proteus Rowers, the PhysioTrainer and more.

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Environmental Commitment

Since 2008 HealthCare International, Inc., has offset its carbon emissions with, the country’s leading carbon offset organization. HealthCare International, has elected to offset all carbon emissions associated with its manufacturing, packaging, transportation and operational aspects of their business. This commitment places HealthCare International, Inc., as an environmental leader in the fitness industry and demonstrates proactive steps being taken in the fight against global climate change.

HealthCare International and its employees, as well as their customers are very concerned about global warming. Considering the implications of climate change, carbon offsets through are a natural extension of the work HealthCare International does on behalf of its employees customers.

Our company currently monitor all phases of our production, packaging and shipping to insure that we minimize our impact on the environment. We have eliminated the Styrofoam and bubble wrap from our packaging. In addition, we are sourcing cardboard that is made from recycled material. Certain aspects of the business are more difficult to control such as steel manufacturing and shipping emissions.

To offset the impact of these components we have elected to team with For each product that we manufacture we purchase carbon credits through These credits are then used towards building renewable energy sources, reforestation and energy efficiency research projects worldwide.

We are a small company but feel that if we set a good example others will follow, after all we only have one world.

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