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Haywood Search LLC


Haywood Search is a generalist boutique firm with a successful track record across a wide range of industries and C- level placements. We establish long-term relationships with our clients and deliver the highest level of consultative executive search services in the industry. We are committed to learning your business, understanding your current and future challenges, and bringing you the executive talent that drives your growth and profitability. Our processes are efficient and transparent, our assessment capabilities are robust and can be tailored to fit your organizational expectations and our reference checking is thorough and value added. For more information, please visit our website at www.haywoodsearch.com.

Environmental Commitment

Because our work requires face to face meetings with both clients and with potential candidates we feel we have to work to offset the carbon impact of our travels. Partnering with the Carbonfund.org is one way we do that. Also the fact that we get to know our clients very well and we establish long term relationships with them allows us to reduce the face to face meetings over time. We run our offices with great attention to our environmental footprint and continue to ask ourselves how we can reduce any negative impact. We are also working hard to migrate our business to partner with other businesses that are committed to environmentally responsible practices and products.

“Carbonfund.org enables us to offset the carbon impact of our travel. We also like that they are a nonprofit organization.”
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