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Gunnison Car Club


Cool Cars, Cool Mountains Car Show – America’s 1st Carbon-Neutral Car Show

Environmental Commitment

Car shows and carbon neutral are two terms that don’t often appear together, but nonetheless 3 years ago our car club made a commitment to go carbon neutral by offsetting and reducing the show’s impact. Further, we decided to aggressively recycle plastic and glass at the 3 day car show, collecting hundreds upon hundreds of items. And, we encourage our vendors to offset and recycle also.

Each year we refine our efforts to make this – America’s first carbon neutral car show – even more ‘green’. Interestingly, the people who display cars at our annual event are in favor of efforts. They seem to appreciate that in Gunnison, Colorado at any rate “car show” and “carbon neutral” are not mutually exclusive terms.

“ stood out as the most credible partner for us in this grand experiment to see if a car show could indeed become carbon neutral. The calculations were difficult but embraced the challenge willingly. Today the Gunnison, Colorado “Cool Cars, Cool Mountains Car Show” is proud to be known as America’s first carbon-neutral car show. Thank you”

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