Grupo Cero Riesgo

City Tibás
Country Costa Rica

The Grupo Cero Riesgo is composed by the following companies:

Cero Riesgo, Credit Scoring

Funded in 2002, Cero Riesgo has become one of the most recognized and trusted Credit Scoring companies of Costa Rica, growing until becoming the provider of credit scoring for well renown companies around the country.

Alcatraz Cobros, Specialized Debt Collecting

This costarican company was funded in 2002 in order to serve big companies with their problems of bad debts.  Since that, several of the most reputed big companies has become their clients.

Practica Inteligente, Online Educational Support

Practica Inteligente is a pioneer in the online educational support; providing a virtual platform where the students (High School mostly) can practice and do mock test of virtually any curse and the National Academic Test.  This innovative service has been such a success that the educational institutes are  using it for evaluation of their own performance.

Sabio Software, Software

Sabio is a software company (funded in 2009), specialized in administrative and financial control software for Clinics, medical practices and law firms.  They produce, sell and serve their own software for clients counwtrywide.

Since it was born,  Grupo Cero Riesgo was conceived as an environmentally friendly company, and have implemented several corporate practices amid to reach such goal.  That includes the design of the new headquarters built in 2010, which is an example of bioclimatic architecture.  With the addition of new companies to the group, the commitment has grown until 2016, year when the company decided to take their ultimate step for the planet: get their 100% Carbon Neutral® Certification.

“Receiving a company that is a low carbon company since its creation was, for the 100% Carbon Neutral Program, a real joy.  Having a company that was looking to be environmentally friendly even before the Program was created is such an honor.  It is like having an old friend coming home” – Jorge Segura, Chairman, Planeta Carbono Neutro.