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Greenerprinter has been providing printing services in Berkeley, California for nearly 20 years, with a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Through Greenerprinter, you can obtain:

* High-quality, affordable and eco-friendly printing and mailing services

* Real-time print quotes and online ordering

* State-of-the-art recycled papers, 80 to 100% recycled with post consumer content

* Certified Green Practices, certified by Alameda county’s certification program

* One-click reorders and instant access to job and account history

* Instant Eco Audit.

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Environmental Commitment

One of the ways we reduce our carbon footprint is through offsetting the emissions generated as a result of the shipment and delivery of printed materials. While we’ve done everything possible to reduce the environmental impact of our internal operations, helps us to minimize the additional impact of what happens after a project leaves our facility.

“Greenerprinter makes environmentally-responsible printing services convenient and affordable, no matter where you are based. We help organizations large and small conduct their printing needs more sustainably, while promoting and strengthening their environmental goals” – Mario Assadi, CEO, Greenerprinter

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