Goatshark Enterprises, LLC

City Sioux City
State IA
Country USA

Goatshark Enterprises is a technology consultancy dedicated to providing businesses the tools to be efficient, profitable, & sustainable. Our Sustainable Technology Solutions suite was developed to service small and mid-size businesses across the country. Solutions include: website and web application development, graphic design, cloud hosting, online and digital strategy and consulting, technology advocacy, and development partnerships with other agencies.

Goatshark’s web developers focus on constructing robust and efficient code – this means that the websites and applications they develop require less energy and resources from the servers on which they run. Goatshark offers fully managed cloud hosting services that keep the environment and community in mind, using servers powered via renewable energy when possible, and offsetting energy consumption via REC’s where not.

Goatshark Enterprises believes that businesses have a responsibility not just to their clients but also to the world in which they operate. Their commitment to protecting the planet and fostering sustainability runs deep. Here’s a closer look at how their office runs:

  • By utilizing remote conferencing software, Goatshark is able to meet clients where they’re at – without sacrificing time and energy to make long drives for unnecessary on-site visits.
  • 110% (one hundred and ten percent) of the office’s electricity use is offset by renewable energy credits purchased through Arcadia Power.
  • The very small amount of paper Goatshark Enterprises uses is entirely post-consumer recycled.
  • The in-house lunchroom features a compost center as well as glass and stainless steel accoutrements for staff.

In addition to those efforts, Goatshark employees care for their community with regularly scheduled “Litter Walks” – walking meetings during which staff are equipped with canvas litter bags and gloves, in order to pick up litter while they walk. Their developers find the movement and fresh air particularly helpful in talking through technical challenges.

Goatshark Enterprises understands that sustainable policies are not only good for the environment, but also good for business; increased efficiency and low overhead are principles that any business-minded person understands.

Goatshark’s founders feel strongly that the world is a better place when people choose to contribute to the global community. To that end, they offer free hosting to non-profit organizations (like sepozambia.org) whose commitments to environmental and social goals aligns with theirs.

“Individually, we can do much good for our planet; together, our impact can be world changing. In that vein, we are excited to announce our partnership with Carbonfund.org. It is our hope that more companies will find the streamlined partnership options feasible and realize the necessity of committing to a clean energy, sustainable future.” – Samantha Gray, CEO