City Hong Kong
Country Hong Kong

GBS is a forward-looking concept willing to bring its vision to the fashion, art and hip-hop industries. We strive to push the culture forward by proposing a curated stream of content on our page as well as handpicked technical garment. We also work with young and aspiring artists and talents who share the same ambitions as us in their field. Most notably French rappers from the underground hip-hop stage to whom we have supplied rare clothing items.

Our emphasis is however on fashion and we have been proposing since our creation sophisticated clothes from an array of brands chosen by our team, always with an artistic conducting line. All of these items are offered under the original retail price since we only supply ourselves in unsold and on sale items that would otherwise get lost in the oblivion of unsold textile.

Environmental Commitment:

We believe that our whole business model is a statement of sustainability. Indeed, by supplying ourselves in unsold and on sale garment, we want to shake the status-quo of 21st century shopping. We strive to limit textile waste which constitutes one of the biggest sources of the earth’s pollution.

Other than that, we decided to partner up with to offset the pollution we cannot ourselves limit. This is most notably the CO2 emissions generated by the transport of our goods over the globe.

GBS.Worldwide is held by two ‘Gen Z’. Most probably the last generation who has the power to reverse the changes our planet is facing. We believe that our generation has the key to solve this issue. We have the responsibility to act.