Friendsheep LLC

City San Juan Capistrano
State California
Country USA

We design and produce eco-friendly products that reduce the use of single use plastic and toxic chemicals commonly found in household commodities like dryer sheets, fabric fresheners, and pet toys by offering reusable zero waste alternatives. Our products are handmade in Nepal, fair trade and cruelty free certified. We aim at keeping our carbon footprint as minimal as possible

We sell package free compostable products on our website and use only compostable and 100% recycled paper packaging when necessary. Part of our proceeds are donated to animal rescues, wildlife conservation, marine conservation, and environmental nonprofits. We are partners of, with whom we plant a tree for every product sold. We are 1% for the planet members. We carbon offset our shipping to the warehouse and to the customers.

We believe in the urgency of minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible. We think it is our responsibility to do so as humans and as a business as well, which is why we are looking forward to partner with Carbonfund.