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Flavorus is changing the way the world sells tickets by providing its clients the very best in innovative technology and fanatical support.

Our dedication to evolving with technology has allowed us to become the most flexible ticketing solution on the planet.  For more information, please visit http://www.flavorus.com/.

Environmental Commitment

With global awareness of the environment at critical mass, Flavorus has changed every aspect of our operations to give the Earth its due TLC.

First, we cleaned up our own house: reducing waste, implementing aggressive recycling efforts, replacing incandescent lighting, and a host of other modifications to our day-to-day practices.  Then we asked our friends to clean up their act.  Our clients use paperless will calls and order placement, and can work with us to balance their event emissions.  Finally, we eliminated our footprint by offsetting remaining emissions.  By funding projects around the globe to keep Mother Nature one happy mama, we’ve made sure there will always be a place to get down.

“Since its inception 10 years ago, Flavorus has looked for progressive business practices.  We are proud to be the first in our industry to make environmental responsibility part of our identity.” – Todd Sims, CEO

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